WE work almost exclusively via e-mail. You send us your text and you will receive a quote on the same day. Crucial are the scale of the text (word count), the deadline and also the client's specifications.


The source text's degree of difficulty determines the rate. Ordinarily, the translation is invoiced according to the number of lines. A standard line is between CHF 2.50 and CHF 2.90 and consists of 50 to 55 keystrokes. In the event of more than 5 standard pages (standard page: 30 lines with 50 to 55 keystrokes) which must be delivered on the same day, a 60% express surcharge will be raised. Proof-reading is included in these rates. The minimum charge corresponds to one hour of editing work which is CHF 80.- Therefore, editing work and proof-reading are invoiced by the hour.



The line at 50 to 55 keystrokes: CHF 2.50 to CHF 2.90. Proof-reading included.

Standard page:

30 lines at 50 to 55 keystrokes: CHF 75.- to CHF 90.- Proof-reading included.

Editorial work and proof-reading: CHF 80.-/hour

Surcharge: for night and public holiday work (100%), or express work (60%).



One-to-one lessons

CHF 40.- (60 minutes)

CHF 60.- (90 minutes)

CHF 70.- (120 minutes)

Travel expenses CHF 15.-